Thermostat Controlled Livewell Cooling System Easily Cools Livewell Water by 7 - 10 Degrees or More Below Surface Water Temperature

All in One Livewell Cooling & Aeration System

KOOLWELL is the only 12 volt system that allows anglers to thermostatically control the temperature in the livewell.  Monitoring temperature and maximizing oxygen content in the livewell works together to keep fish healthy and KOOL WELL is the ALL NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE solution.

Keeping BASS, CRAPPIE, CATFISH, WALLEYE, REDFISH and BAITFISH healthy and alive is a problem for pro and amateur tournament anglers.  If not cared for properly, FRESHWATER and SALTWATER fish are at risk of shock and death after the catch.

KOOLWELL revolutionizes how all types of fish and live bait are maintained in the LIVEWELL or BAIT TANK.  Cool water keeps the fish calm and gives the fish the best chance to be healthy. 

Tournament anglers benefit in many ways:
  • Healthy fish increases tournament winnings
  • Conservation of the fish preserves the future of the sport

Installation is simple using our kit.  You can do it yourself or most marine boat dealers can do the installation. 
All Natural
No Chemicals
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FLW and BASS Tour Pro
FLW Tour Pro
"The KOOLWELL system is a great asset to me as a tournament angler.  It keeps my fish alive and healthy all day resulting in no penalties and no weight loss.  Also it is a great tool in our fight for conservation in our fisheries.  Keeping game fish healthy allows future generations to enjoy our love for the outdoors."
KOOLWELLTM Livewell Cooling System
Keeping tournament fish healthy after the catch!
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Official Livewell Cooling System of the National Guard Fishing Team